About Us

Desserts by Danny is owned and operation by a happily married Husband and Wife team.  We originally had the goal to start small from the kitchen of our family-owned restaurant, and work our way bigger to our own establishment. For a time, it looked like it really was going to be BIG!

But then we got... pooped. This bakery business is hard work! 

We don't usually shy away from hard work. And the work part isn't the real issue here, (we are quite the little worker bees) rather, it's the time involved. Because on top of the dessert business we are also working at and running our family restaurant; Wife went back to school and is pursuing her art career (part of the original plan); Husband is now a full-time bartender (not really planned) and will also be returning to school. And cakes would be made during our sleeping hours. :/

So now our dessert business has become more a hobby than anything else! Which is nice, because we do a cake here and there and it makes other people happy, and it makes us feel good making them happy.

Drop us a line (dessertsbydannyri@yahoo.com) to see if we're available, and hopefully we can squeeze you in! If not, don't let it get you down, I promise it isn't personal. :)