Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coffee Cake

Baked in a bundt pan or a loaf pan. SO yummy. :)

Tiramisu Cake

A classic Italian dessert: ladyfinders soaked in espresso, layered with marscapone cream filling and dusted with cocoa powder. We can make it either in cake form or in the classic square pan style. Both ways are great!

Mocha Torte

Coffee lovers, beware!  We’ve been told this one tastes just like
 creamy coffee ice cream!  Layers of cake, mocha butter cream,
 mocha ganache, and a touch of crunch.

Mango Bavarian Torte

Vanilla cake layered with a mango Bavarian, mango chunks, 
raspberry swirl and a crunchy coconut bottom.
This one is a rarity because it should be served near-frozen, 
and it is very time consuming to create!

Jewish Challah Bread

Traditional Jewish braided enriched dough, perfect for making French Toast with. (and as soon as we make French Toast again I shall share the photos with you!)

Spiderman Birthday Cake

Still trying to remember what flavors were on the inside!
Outside is vanilla Italian buttercream, colored to the Wife's content!

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate cake layered with rich chocolate mousse surrounded by a decadent chocolate ganache.
Whipped cream, chocolate chips and/or fruit available on request.


Lighter than traditional New York style, but just as rich and delicious. 
Variety of toppings available upon request, (but our favorite is Strawberry!)

Chocolate Cream Pie

Sturdy crust chock full of creamy chocolate filling, with real whipped cream.

Angel Food Cake

Super light and fluffy, dense and springy. Great texture and flavor! 
Chocolate ganache not necessary, but still an option.

Mudslide Torte

Crunchy bottom layer, topped with chocolate cake laced in Kahlua, 
a layer of Bailey’s white chocolate ganache, 
a layer of chocolate mousse, and Absolut vodka whipped cream topping.

Black Eyed Susan & Purple Ribbon Cake

Created for a special couple!

Vanilla cake layered with lemon mousseline, fresh raspberries and raspberry preserves, 
topped with vanilla Italian butter cream. 
Decorated in fondant and gumpaste flowers.

Fruit Tart

Created with a variety of seasonal fruits, 
a creamy vanilla middle, a thin layer of chocolate and a crispy cookie crust.

Desserts by Danny Blog Launch!

Hi there!

Welcome to our new site! This blog was born due to The Wife's lack of updating the old site. The program I had been using was not user-friendly. But Blogger certainly is!

So kindly be patient as I change everything over from our old site into this nicely organized blog. This is going to be just SUPER!

Carrot Cake

Extremely moist, with walnuts and raisins in the mix. Also available without nuts. Topped with cream cheese icing.